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Selkasan A.Ş. was established in 1988 with the partnership of Çukurova Holding and Sca Packaging in order to meet the recycled paper needs of group companies in Manisa Organized Industrial Zone.

The company started production in 1991 with a capacity of 61.000 tons and a single paper machine and it reached a production capacity of 150.000 tons with its investment in paper machine in 2007.

The company continues its activities on a closed area of 32.500 m2 with an experienced personnel consisting of 135 people.

It has diverse interests in numerous industries ranging from automotive, telecommunications, media, textiles and energy to transportation and information technology services. A total of 31.000 people are employed in Çukurova companies in Turkey and abroad.

With roots dating back early 1923, the Cukurova Group today is one of the leading Turkish business conglomerates.

Çukurova faaliyetine Tarsus'ta, bir tekstil fabrikasıyla başladı. Grubun adı “Çukurova” bölgesinden gelmektedir.

Çukurova Kağıt ve Ambalaj Grubu

The foundations of Çukurova Paper And Packaging Group were laid in 1976 with the establishment of Kaplamin Ambalaj A.Ş. The Group had an integrated structure with the establishment of Selkasan A.Ş. corrugated cardboard manufactured, in 1988 and Atkasan A.Ş. in 1996. The Group was strengthened with the establishment of Yalova Ambalaj in 1995 and Ova Oluklu Mukavva Ambalaj A.Ş. in 1997 and took its place among the leading names of sector with its recycled paper capacity of 150.000 tons and corrugated board packaging capacity of totally 160.000 tons.


    Atkasan A.Ş., having main scope of activity as collecting paper/cardboard wastes and recovering them to economy together with the industrial enterprises, shopping centers and municipalities, was established in 1996 within Çukurova Paper And Packaging Group.


    Kaplamin Ambalaj, having established as a multi-partnered company in 1976, improved itself in every field until today and took its place among the leading brands of the sector


    Yalova Ambalaj Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. was established in 1995 on a total area of 105.000 m² including a closed area of 23.000 m² and on a very important area strategically in Marmara Region.


    Ova Oluklu Mukavva San. ve Tic. A.Ş., being within Çukurova Holding which is one of the leading companies of Turkey, was established in 1996 in Tarsus, Mersin.


    PriGo has established within Cukurova Group in 2017. The name PriGo consist of a combination of the words "Print" and "Go". This name is given to express and understanding that aims to realize and deliver the best and fastest printing service.