We are environmentally friendly

selkasan garden

Environmentally friendly Selkasan, seek continuous development with projects to protect environment. Energy is one of the basic needs in paper manufacturing, and produced in our facilities by using environment-friendly fuel, natural gas. Also 80% of the water used in production is regained in our water treatment plant and used in production again.

Our main raw material, supplied by one of our group companies ATKASAN Atık Değerlendirme Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., is waste paper.

Please Don’t Forget,

When 1 tone used paper regained and produced paper again;

  • Prevents the cutting of 17 grown pine trees which provides 34 people’s oxygen need.
  • Prevents 12400m2 greenhouse gas CO2 to mix with the atmosphere.
  • Prevents 20 families ‘ one month consumption of 4100 kWh electrical energy.
  • Prevents 267kg of pollutant gas to mix the atmosphere.
  • Saves 3-4m2 storage area.
  • Prevents demolishing 85m2 forest area.
  • Prevents 38,8 tones of water consumption which is 3 families’ consumption per month.

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Selkasan Forest

"Selkasan Forest" was formed in Manisa’s Yayla village as an Environmental Support Project.